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Teacher Communication Workshop: Gain Confidence & The Respect You Deserve

Do you struggle to communicate your needs to your admin, or spend hours trying to draft an email? This was me during my first year of teaching. It took me trial and error and leaning on my veteran teacher colleagues to become a confident communicator with healthy boundaries.

As the host of the First Year Teacher Mentor Facebook Group, I know both from personal experience and from listening to new teachers that communicating with parents and guardians can be quite daunting. Tack on the need to effectively communicate with administration and your heart can really start pounding. As a classroom teacher for 10 years, I've worked in a variety of schools and settings and have put together a self-paced Effective Teacher Communication Workshop with actionable steps to not only help you gain confidence as a communicator but save time and energy too.

This workshop is filled with actionable steps to help you communicate with confidence in various ways and under various circumstances.

  • Gain ways to communicate quickly and effectively through email and phone

  • Learn how to communicate your needs to admin & colleagues with confidence

  • Discover ways to gain the respect that you deserve during Open House, Conferences, & School Events

Effective Teacher Communication Workshop for New Teachers

I designed this workshop so that you can watch on your own time, in your jammies, or with a glass of wine. I've provided lifetime access so that you can re-watch, pause, and complete this workshop at your own pace. A certificate of completion is included.

Being a teacher is just one aspect of who we are. In order to protect our time and energy, this workshop tackles common time-suck mistakes, setting healthy boundaries, email and phone writing tips and solutions, how to approach your administration with big asks, and helpful talking points for school events like addressing parents during Open House. You can check out the entire minute-by-minute workshop breakdown and all the details here:


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