Teaching about Coronavirus in an Elementary Classroom

With the outbreak of COVID-19, you might be looking for an age appropriate way to discuss the spread of infectious disease. If you teach lower elementary, reviewing proper handwashing is a great way to bridge this topic. If you teach upper elementary or middle school, reviewing proper handwashing is also essential, but this is a wonderful opportunity to take a deeper look at pandemics through history, and the transmission and prevention of disease.

I live in Washington, and we seem to be the epicenter of the outbreak here in the United States. We are currently in a state of emergency and many schools, businesses, and conferences have been closed or canceled. I put together these resources to help educators present accurate information, tackle stigma and bias, and approach the topic in an age appropriate manner.

For Lower Elementary:

I've created a mini book reader that covers practical tips for preventing the spread of disease, and encourages good hygiene such as hand washing, keeping hands out of one's mouth, nose, and eyes, and more.

This 7 page mini book is great for small groups, whole group, add to book bags, or send home as a family connection.

The final page of the book includes an optional assessment sheet.

Color and blackline versions are included.

This book does not include the term coronavirus or Covid-19 as the tips included are pertinent to disease prevention, in general. This allows for greater discussion and does not limit this book to one disease.