Teaching Jamestown and the First Settlement with this Mini Book

I love using mini book readers because they are easy to print, students can color, and they are not only great for small groups, but can be added to a book bag, or sent home for reading material. Mini books are a great alternative to a textbook or are a wonderful supplement to your social studies curriculum.

This is a perfect mini-book for covering Jamestown and the first settlement with your younger kiddos. This printable fact-filled book covers life in Jamestown, the struggle for food, the leadership under Captain John Smith and more!

I've included color & blackline versions because I like to print a colored version as a master copy that I refer to, and then print the blackline version for students to color. I also like to have the color version so that I can guide students to color their own book more realistically and accurately.

Questions and Topics Covered:

:: What's a settlement?

:: The first settlers and the New World

:: Where is the New World?

:: How did people get to the New World?

:: What was life like in the New World?

:: Why did people come to the New World?

:: Hard Work

:: Who was Captain John Smith?

:: Where did people live in Jamestown?

:: What did the people eat?

:: A Rough Winter

:: The Native Americans Helped

:: How did Jamestown grow?

:: Food for the Future

:: What is the importance of Jamestown?

Comprehension Questions

I've included a page with comprehension questions. Questions include multiple choice and short answer. This is a great reading comprehension practice page or assessment.

Here's what Educators are Saying:

This is awesome! It was detailed, contained facts that we didn't have in our social studies books, and most of all, THE KIDS LOVED IT! -Posh Princess in Second Grade

Great information to build a stronger picture of the real Jamestown beyond the Disney version. -Katherine L.

We loved this in our 2nd grade home school! Thank you so much! Very colorful, fun and entertaining all while giving such relevant information! -Kristy H.

You can grab a copy of this mini book here. Or check out a collection of mini books that I have written here.