The 7 Continents and 5 Oceans Comprehensive Unit

Seven Continents and Oceans Complete Unit

Can your students name the 7 continents and 5 oceans? If you need an easy to use comprehensive resource for the major landmasses and oceans of the world, this social studies unit is packed full of key facts, features, differentiated reading passages and comprehension questions, a research globe craftivity, and more to help you bring the seven continents and five oceans to life!

No more scrambling to piece things together, this cohesive unit is cross-curricular and includes materials for teaching the continents and oceans, which means everything you need is in one place. 🙌

In order to meet various classroom needs, this unit includes both print and digital options. All of the slide shows are ready in Google Slides. I have added drag & drop map skills, and have also included an audio-visual read-along in an MP4 version. Your students can follow along (sentences are highlighted) as the mini-book is read aloud. This is great for a listening center during a reading block.

Seven Continents Audio Book for Listening Centers

Everything in One Place:

- Continents Facts & Features Slide Show (Google Com