The Seven Continents and Five Oceans Complete Unit

Seven Continents and Oceans unit for elementary social studies. Reading passages, powerpoint slide shows, activities, and Google Slides compatible activities for digital learning.

Need an easy to use comprehensive resource for the major land masses and oceans of the world? This social studies unit is packed full with facts, features, differentiated reading passages and comprehension questions, a research globe craftivity, and more to help you bring the seven continents and five oceans to life!

With schools moving to a hybrid model or remote learning, I have updated this resource to include Google Compatible components. All of the slides shows are ready in Google Slides. I have added Drag & Drop map skills, and have also included an audio-visual read along in an MP4 version. Your students can follow along (sentences are highlighted) as the mini book is read aloud.

Everything in one Place:

No more scrambling to piece things together, this cohesive unit is cross-curricular and includes materials for teaching the continents and oceans.

- Continents Facts & Features Slide Show (Google Compatible)

- Five Oceans Facts & Features Slide Show (Google Compatible)

- 15 page Informational Continents Mini Book (Print & Google Compatible)

- Continents Print & Audio Book (MP4 Video Read Along)

- Flip Book for 5 oceans (3 different printable versions)

- Reading Passages & Comprehension Questions for each continent (3 differentiated levels! Print & Google Compatible; 50+ pages)

- Label the Continents & Oceans on the Map (Print & Google Compatible)

- Fact vs. Opinion Sorting Activity (Print & Google Compatible)

- Label the Compass Rose (Print & Google Compatible)

- Continents Song

- Globe Craftivity (research & writing project)

- Writing Prompts (printable sheets)

- Pocket Chart Cards

- Bulletin Board Display

- Assessments (matching & true/false, Google Compatible)

Label the continent map skills practice

Ready to Go Slide Shows:

Continents: Facts and Features Slide Show (PowerPoint & Google Slides)

This slide show includes slides for each continent (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia (Oceania), and Antarctica). Each continent is highlighted on the world map. The first slide is filled with facts and key features that coincides with the informational mini book included. A collage of beautiful photos is included for each continent to give your students a glimpse of some of these features. A PDF version is also included, if you wish to print and use the slides as anchor charts, or to be included in your bulletin board display.

Oceans: Facts & Features Slide Show (PowerPoint & Google Slides)

This slide show covers the 5 oceans of the world. Facts and features are presented for each ocean as well as several photos for each. This PPT also covers the origin of ocean names.

Continents and Oceans Slide Show for teaching geography

Mini Book & Video Read Aloud:

Continents Informational Mini-Book

A 15 page mini book that coincides directly with the facts and features slides show is included in this resource. Your students will fill in the blank, answer questions, and illustrate pictures for each of the continents. This is a great way to keep your students engaged and on target.

Seven Continents Mini Book Read Aloud

An additional mini book is included with a video (MP4) read along. Each sentence is highlighted as the book is read aloud. This is a great option for a "listen-to-reading" station, or to send to families. This mini book is different than the fill-in-the-blank book and is an additional book that could also be used for small group reading.

The Seven Continents Mini Book Fact Book

Flip Book for the 5 Oceans:

Oceans Flip Book (3 Versions)

This resource includes a flip book for compiling the information that your students learn about the 5 oceans. There are three versions. Version 1 follows the information presented in the slide show. Version 2 is open-ended and allows for student research, and Version 3 is perfect for younger kiddos as the text is included and there is space for illustrations.

Five Oceans flip book activity with slide show

Differentiated Reading Passages & Comprehension Questions (Print & Digital)

Reading Passages & Comprehension Questions (3 Differentiated Levels)

Perfect for close reading! This resource includes 3 differentiated reading level passages for EACH of the seven continents. Comprehension questions are included for every reading passage. I've updated this to include both print and digital options.

Level 1 & 2 include one-page reading passages for each continent. Level 3 includes two-page reading passages for each continent. A one page set of differentiated comprehension questions are included for each reading passage. This is over 54 pages of content!

Please note that informational text generally includes vocabulary or key terms that may be higher than grade level.

Seven Continents Reading Passages and Comprehension Questions

Reading Passages and comprehension questions for the seven continents in both print and digital format

Research Activities for Print & Digital:

Globe Craftivity

Your students will complete a fun globe craftivity to show what they have learned about the continents. This craftivity is versatile, in that it can be used to demonstrate knowledge gained directly from the facts and features included in this unit, or from a student's own time of research. This craftivity includes single lined writing spaces (pictured), and also triple lined writing spaces to meet your classroom needs.

Digital Research Graphic Organizers:

If you are looking for a digital learning approach, the Google slide shows now include a graphic organizer template for each continent. Have your students record additional information for each continent or use the graphic organizers to take notes about what they learn from the slide show.

The Seven Continents Globe Craft Activity. Great for research or recording information about the seven continents

Learn Cardinal Directions:

This resource includes several slides and practice sheets on cardinal directions. Two versions are included depending on how in-depth you choose to go.

Print & Digital Label the Compass Rose

Have your student practice labeling the compass rose! I have included both print and digital versions with several options.

Pocket Chart Cards

Pocket chart cards that can be placed on your classroom walls to mark North, South, East, West are also included.

Continents Song

Memorize the continents through a fun song. Printable poster and student song sheets are included.

Map skills practice for the seven continents and fie oceans. Label the oceans and label the continents activity in print and digital format.

Fact vs. Opinion & Matching (Print & Digital)

This resource includes two activities that are perfect for centers. Color and blackline versions are included, as well as a digital learning option that is set up and ready to go in Google Slides.

In the Fact vs. Opinion activity, students will read the sentence about the 5 oceans and determine if it is a fact or opinion.

Fact vs Opinion sorting activity for the five oceans. This includes both print and digital options for hybrid or remote learning

The Seven Continents Unit Center Activities

Classroom Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board Header

Make displaying student work a breeze with a printable bulletin board header ("The Seven Continents")! There are several styles choices included. Also included are headers for each of the continents, as well as enlarged continent outlines in color and blackline.

Pocket Chart Cards

This resource includes pocket chart cards for each of the 7 continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica), the 5 oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, Southern), and cardinal directions (North, South, East, West). Color and blackline versions are included to meet your printing needs.

The Oceans of the World Pocket Chart Cards


This resource includes two short assessment sheets, one for the seven continents, and a second assessment for the five oceans. Each assessment includes matching, and true/ false. Several of the other mapping printables provided can also be used as an assessment tool.

Save time and grab everything you see here in one place: Seven Continents & Five Oceans Unit