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The Statue of Liberty Printable and Easy to Assemble Mini Book

The Statue of Liberty Mini Book

If you are teaching US symbols or are covering immigration in your elementary classroom, this printable mini book is a great addition to your unit of study.

Why Mini Books?

I love using printable mini books because I can easily print and assemble a class set. If you are lacking a text book like me, these books are a simple solution. They can also be paired with other picture books for reading comparison.

Use in Small Groups

Informational mini books are great for small groups because everyone can have the same text. Highlight key words, or write in the margins.

Add to a Book Bag

I love that mini books can be read again. Simply add to a book bag for re-reading.

Send Home

One of the great things is that mini books can be sent home to provide reading material and a home connection. Plus, as a teacher, there's no worry about keeping track or missing books.

The Statue of Liberty Mini Book

If you are looking for more material on The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, I have a complete BUNDLE that includes not only this mini book, but writing activities, centers, and more!


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