World Civilizations Digital Lesson: The Geography of India

World Civilizations Digital Lesson for the Geography of India

If you gave your students a map or globe, would they be able to quickly point out the country of India? Before we can really dive into the history of ancient India, understanding the geography of this location is important. We can build some spatial perspective by using a virtual field trip to discover and explore the geographic location of India as well as geographic features of importance. Using a combination of Google Earth exploration, informational text, video content, and response questions, virtual field trips provide an interactive and engaging way to bring social studies to life.

Virtually Traveling from our School to India

I like to begin each virtual field trip at our school. I use Google Earth to type in the address of our school. From there, we "travel" around the globe to India. I prefer to start each virtual field trip at our school because this is a location that all of my students can relate. Even though many students are learning from home right now, not all students have a permanent home or address. Starting our virtual trip from school is a more inclusive way to begin our learning.