3 Reasons Why You Need to Add Virtual Field Trips to Your Lessons

3 Reasons why you need to add virtual field trips to your lessons

I am always on the lookout for ways to bring social studies education to life, and I am strongly convinced through student and teacher feedback that virtual field trips are a must-add activity to your lessons! If you are on the fence about adding virtual field trips or are new to the whole concept of virtual field trips, then I'm so excited that you're here!

Make Social Studies an Experience

Are you using an outdated textbook? Well, it's time to put the textbooks aside! I know that if I'm bored when teaching a lesson, then most likely my students are bored too. I've found that one powerful way to bring history to life is through experience. If social studies become more than just words on a page, if we can spark curiosity and if our students make meaningful connections, then our students understand social studies and its importance to them. Virtual field trips take learning to a whole new level, because our students can partake in a virtual learning experience of places around the globe! Using Google Earth, students can view ancient sites, geographic locations, and more using the amazing 360-degree views. Students can experience history up-close and personal in new ways than just one photo on a textbook page.