4 Tips for First-Year Teachers: Planning Ahead This Spring

It may be spring, but the end of year is a busy time and quickly approaching. I want to share with you 4 quick tips to help you plan ahead this spring and beat overwhelm. These forward-thinking tips are for you if you are seeking your first job, are already teaching but plan to apply for a different position, or are staying in your current teaching position.

1. Gather Student Samples

Start gathering samples now. If you wait until the last minute when the school year is wrapping up to try and collect student work samples and data, this is just one more thing added to your plate.

Make photocopies of student work or take photos of student projects before sending them home. Make sure you remove student information. Having samples of student work is super helpful to show during the interview process. You could upload the work and create a digital portfolio, or have paper copies handy.

Even if you plan to stay in the same school or grade level, there is a chance that you might change grades at the last minute or in the coming years, and having student examples from the current grade or subject you're teaching may come in handy several years down the road.