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Political Systems and Forms of Government Posters

Printable posters that cover political systems and forms of government

Are you looking for a way to easily display the different political systems and types of government? Or a quick printable option for student notebooks and reference? This printable set includes 19 posters that are perfect for a social studies word wall, or classroom bulletin board display. Depending on your curriculum needs, use all or some of the posters (anchor charts) provided. Or print as half-sheets and have students add to a composition notebook for reference.

What's Included:

A poster for each of the following terms is included with an image that correlates.

- Political System

- State

- City-State

- Empire

- Nation State

- Forms of Government

- Oligarchy

- Democracy

- Direct Democracy

- Representative Democracy

- Republic

- Monarchy

- Absolute Monarchy

- Constitutional Monarchy

- Autocracy

- Authoritarian

- Communism

- Totalitarianism

- Dictatorship

Political Systems and Forms of Government Printable Posters for Social Studies class


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