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10 Resources for Celebrating Women's History Month in Your Classroom

10 Resources to Celebrate Women's History Month In Your Classroom

As we celebrate Women's History Month during the month of March, here are 10 helpful resources to help you uplift and celebrate the contributions of women in history. These are resources you can reference all year long, so be sure to bookmark this page.

This is an excellent resource hub as you can find primary sources compiled from the Library of Congress, the National Archives, the National Art Gallery, and much more!

If you are looking to incorporate literacy, check out this book list and helpful teaching resources that coincide with each book.

This article is a great informational text overview of Women's History Month. You can find additional links to learn more about Women Heros, the Women's Suffrage Movement, and African American Heros.

This is another great website filled with helpful teaching resources, history, and learning resources for teaching Women's History all year.

You can find a plethora of information, lesson plans, and an online exhibit on the NWHM website.

The ADL has put together some ready-to-go lesson plans for Women's History Month that are organized by grade level and topic. These include lessons on notable women such as Malala Yousafzai, Harriet Tubman, Misty Copeland, Shirley Chisholm, and more. Topics include stereotypes, the gender wage gap, gender barriers, and more.

This site provides resources that will help students reflect on the role of women in government and social movements.

This lesson entitled, "He Said/She Said" will help your middle school students analyze gender roles through dialogue.

Check out these three learning labs which include the topics of From Corsets to Catsuits, Women's History in America, and Women's Suffrage in Hawaii.

Find reading passages, teaching through film, women aviators in WWII, lesson plans, learning guides and much more!

Looking for additional resources on other topics? Check out these resource links:


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