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Take Your Students on a Free Virtual Field Trip to the Golden Gate Bridge

Take your students on a free virtual field trip to the Golden Gate Bridge

Take your students on a virtual field trip to California to tour the Golden Gate Bridge! Using a combination of Google Earth™ 360-degree views, video, informational text, and visuals, your students will learn about the construction, history, and significance of the Golden Gate Bridge from multiple perspectives.

Bring social studies to life with virtual tours!

This virtual field trip can be conducted teacher-led or shared with students through Google Classroom (or another LMS) as an independent assignment. Everything is set up for you. Student directions are found within the lesson, and direct links are included to specific Google Earth™ locations and videos.

This is so much more than a webcam.

Your prep time is valuable. This virtual field trip is a structured activity. This trip includes informational text and meaningful links that are designed to lead students to think critically as they respond to the questions throughout the virtual field trip. The response questions are also a great way to keep students accountable as they learn and explore. The questions are editable so that you can tailor it meet your class needs.

Take your students on a virtual field trip to California's Golden Gate Bridge

This virtual field trip covers

:: Geographic Location of California

:: Early Transportation

:: Ferry Services

:: Public Perception

:: Bridge Concept & Engineer

:: Construction

:: Bridge Towers

:: Color Choice

:: Key Construction Features

:: Pedestrian Day

:: Tolls & Crossing Today

:: Significant Titles Held

:: Modern Wonder of the World

This Virtual Field Trip Includes

:: Informational Text (build background knowledge)

:: Response Questions (EDITABLE)

:: Google Earth™ Links to 360-degree views

:: Video Links

:: Grading Rubric

:: Everything is set up in Google Slides & ready to go!

Virtual Field Trip with Google Links to the United States Golden Gate Bridge

Standards Alignment

This activity is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Reading Informational Text. It is also designed to align with 3rd & 4th Grade California State Social Studies Standards, although this activity can crosswalk to many different state standards.

Grading Rubric

A grading rubric is included which assesses: accuracy, thoroughness, validity, and writing conventions. Answers will vary throughout, as students are recording their observations and findings.

A Few Technology Tips

This virtual field trip uses Google Earth™ and YouTube™ links. Google Earth™ can be accessed on a desktop using Chrome as the browser. If you plan to complete this activity on a tablet or smartphone, simply download the Google Earth™ App before starting the virtual field trip. You can find all of my tech tips including tutorials for assigning on different LMS on this blog post.

Free virtual field trip to the Golden Gate Bridge

Grab your FREE copy of this virtual field trip:

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