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What is History and Why Does it Matter: Video Demo

If you hear the complaint "history is so boring," or "who cares about history?" Then this lesson can help. If students don't yet understand what history is and why it matters, than our students will likely disengage. In this lesson, your students will come to understand that history is the story of all of us--it is my story, and it is your story, it is their story.

Through sharing evidence of your own story, and having your students evaluate and analyze these primary sources, your students will come to understand the importance of history and the significance of connection. In this video demo, I share with you how to use and edit this free History Intro Lesson so that it includes your own evidence.

I have this set up to share evidence of my story through primary sources pertaining to my grandfather's life. I do NOT tell my students who this person is or his connection to me. I only reveal this information at the end of the lesson. Watch the video for more on this lesson.

Have your students share their own primary sources which tell their story. Use this lesson as an extension to build classroom community and connection. Even with distance or virtual learning, there are ways to share and build connection. You can read more about this lesson and grab the free template for your class, here.

Happy Teaching,

Michelle McDonald

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